Most Famous West End London Casinos

Most Famous West End Casinos is a great way to experience the fun and entertainment that are London. The famous casino hotels are some of the best in the world with world-class service and top entertainment options to make your visit a memorable one. The many casinos are found in central London, including the top destination, the Stratford-upon-Avon. These have all been awarded the red carpet treatment by the London Westend Times, with recommendations being read by many celebrities, entertainers and VIP guests.

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The casino is surrounded by lush gardens, beautiful bars and restaurants. It is situated at the edge of a large park. With the location and surroundings it creates a fantastic atmosphere to be in and the ambience is a real pleasure. With the many benefits that come with staying at the top of the West End, we can see why so many people choose it. The accommodation options range from self-catering to five stars and with a range of facilities including spa baths, sauna houses, pool and gym facilities. A full complement of casino staff is on hand to offer entertainment and help.

The casino offers an extensive range of gaming options and events which include regular live music shows, comedy clubs, late night menus and traditional slots and roulette. For those of you looking for a break from the gambling and dining, there is also traditional table games and card games available. With the West End location and proximity to central London it is easy to see why this hotel is so popular and why visitors return each year. All in all, with so many amenities, it is hard to leave here, it is the perfect London hotel for any kind of holiday.

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