Is Online Gambling Sports Or Entertainment?

It seems that everywhere you look people are asking, «Is online gambling sports or entertainment?» Recently a U.S. appeals court has ruled that the federal government must recognize the fact that millions of Americans are addicted to online gambling and therefore it is legal and not against the law to allow states to ban this activity. The three main issues before the appeals court were whether or not online gambling should be treated like traditional gambling or like other games of chance that are not recognized as sports betting. In most states online gambling is treated very similar to other types of gaming and the U.S. attorney general has indicated that they will not challenge the appeals court ruling. This means that all states in the United States are allowed to ban online poker and online slot machines.

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Some have argued that there is no difference because if the states want to ban gambling then why not ban all forms of gambling. This would affect all aspects of our society including restaurants, banks, stores, post offices, and even travel. Gambling has been associated with many different industries and it is only now starting to impact the film industry which is often blamed for the rising of crime in big cities. Many Hollywood producers and actors have spoken out against online casinos and online sports betting.

Is online gambling sports or entertainment? Some people have the mistaken impression that because it takes place over the internet it is not an actual event. Unfortunately, it is not and one has only to see the increasing numbers of websites to realize that this is a fact. If the U.S. allows states to ban online casinos and sports bookings then we are opening the door for future lawsuits and possible regulation of the Internet. Until then we can expect to see this issue play out in the courts for years to come.

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